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Fruits & Vegetables

In four enormous halls we offer fresh vegetables and and fruits from whole world.

Flowers & Accessories

Find all what you need for flower shop, decoratory or interior design

Silages, Salads

Silages and salads abundant with vitamins are sold in practical packets.

Food articles

Fishes, meet, dairy products, preparations, bakery goods – whole the hall of food articles.

Offices & Depositories

Do you sell on the Market and need depository or office area?

Other Activity

Do you collect antiques or raise – check our weekend offer.

Loging to the service

Application for area hire

Do you wont to sell your products in one of Market halls? Fill in the form and start cooperating with us!

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Working hours

Monday - Sunday
24 hours a day
closed for maintenance from 10:00 to 18:00

WR-SRH Bronisze

05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
ul. Poznańska 98,
Bronisze (map)

phone: 0-22 721-55-10
fax: 0-22 721-55-00

e-mail: bronisze@bronisze.com.pl

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