Subject of activity

Subject of activity

Subject of Company’s activity is management and administration of Bronisze Wholesale Market. Over 350 entrepreneurs run commercial activity on Market area, renting the trade space on regular bases in the following sectors: fruits and vegetables, flowers, food products.  There are 1300 places intended for direct vehicle sales on the trading yards.

Bronisze Wholesale Market is the joint-stock company. Company is not the owner of the goods sold on Market area, but it only organizes possibly the most convenient conditions to perform the commercial activity on B2B bases. Goods on Bronisze Wholesale Market are sold by: agricultural producers, importers, wholesalers,  and bought by: the shops, wholesale units, restaurants, hotels, catering companies, florist’s shops, decorators.

Paying for entry ticket for the seller ( valid 24 h), it is possible to run direct sales from the vehicle on the trading yard, link to the pricelist  http://bronisze.bloomnet.pl/pl/o-spolce/informacje-praktyczne/dostep-do-rynku/oplaty-dla-sprzedajacych

There are 7 yards on Market area, on which the sales with specified assortment of fruits and vegetables is being carried out. Area dividing per specific assortment is shown on the plan:

Entrepreneurs supplying their companies with goods available on Bronisze Wholesale Market are obliged to buy a ticket for buyer; detailed price list : http://bronisze.bloomnet.pl/pl/o-spolce/informacje-praktyczne/dostep-do-rynku/oplaty-dla-kupujacych

entry author: M. D.