Goals of the company

Goals of the company

The main goal is to assure to the shareholders long term growth of company’s value.

We aim to build the company, which will strengthen its position  as branch leader not only in Poland, but also in Middle-East Europe. We would like to make Bronisze Wholesale Market stand out with high quality of provided services, efficiency of service, so the customers using the Market could have complete confidence in the employees of our Company.

We feel we are responsible for industrial environment in which we operate, we also take great care of the natural environment. We consider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as inseparable element of Company’s business strategy.

Through partner dialogue with shareholders and users of the Market in course of decision making process we endeavour to take into account the benefit of all persons, companies, organizations, communities affected by the activity of our Company.


We realize our main goal by:

  • improvement of management and communication system in the Company,
  • increase of brand recognition,
  • researches and looking for possibility to find new directions of Company development,
  • implementation of new products (services),
  • gaining new customers.

entry author: M. D.


Warszawski Rolno-Spożywczy Rynek Hurtowy S.A.
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki, ul. Poznańska 98, Bronisze, Polska (show on map)
+48 22 721 55 10
+48 22 721 55 00


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