Majority of grocery stores, flower shops and wholesale units from mazowieckie province and adjacent provinces enjoy the services of Warszawski Rolno-Spożywczego Rynek Hurtowy SA. Significant groups are also the wholesalers from north-east and northern Poland and Baltic countries. In the summer season, many owners of the shops and catering / food service units  from resort towns in the mountains, seaside and Masuria region do their shopping in Bronisze.

The companies operating on the Market offer fruits and vegetables from all parts of the  world to all the buyers as well as food articles, the most beautiful flowers and florist accessories.

An enormous amount of fruit and vegetable producers and importers guarantees that when you stock up on the Wholesale Market in Bronisze, you buy the products of the highest quality and at the best price. 
We do not put any barriers to persons wishing to stock up on the Wholesale Market in Bronisze. The business entities as well as individual clients, after buying a proper entry ticket, can may a purchases on the Market. 

 Entry fee price list of Bronisze Wholesale Market – valid from 01.03.2022

Code Type of vehicle  Price for registered Clients Price for remaining Clients
KA Buyer-vehicle up to 0,5t and cargo platform length up to 1,7m 6 10
KB Buyer-vehicle up to 1,2t and cargo platform length up to 3,5m 12 17
KC Buyer-vehicle up to 3,0t and cargo platform length up to 4,5m 17 28
KD Buyer-vehicle up to 7,0t and cargo platform length up to 7,0m 28 45
KF Buyer-vehicle over 7,0t and cargo platform length over 7,0m 35 50
KG Buyer - tractor-semitrailer unit  40 55


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Warszawski Rolno-Spożywczy Rynek Hurtowy S.A.
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki, ul. Poznańska 98, Bronisze, Polska (show on map)
+48 22 721 55 10
+48 22 721 55 00


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