Pre Paid entry cards


PRE PAID Cards, that means the cards paid in advance, for multiple entry to the Market are available for the buyers using the services of WRSRH SA. PRE PAID Cards allow to buy 50 or 100 entries for specified type of vehicle. Buying the PRE PAID Card, the Customer saves the following amount of money, depending on size of vehicle and number of pre-paid tickets:

  • for the card with 50 entries, savings are from 19 zł to 150 zł ( 7,6%)
  • for the card with 100 entries, savings are from 50 zł to 400 zł (10%)

Cards are issued based on written application of the buyer, who has to meet the following conditions:

  • minimum 5 entries within the last 30 days registered by Market cash registers, 
  • possessing the Regular Customer Loyalty Card, for assigned vehicle  (acc. to relevant rules – see regulations for Regular Customer Loyalty Card)

Documents necessary to issue the PRE PAID Card are as follows:

  • proof of paying the deposit in amount of 190 zł
  • proof of payment for multiple entry 
  • copy of vehicle registration document 

Details regarding the cards can be obtained at the telephone number: 22 721 55 08

Price list for PRE PAID Cards



                                                       Number of entries per one card  50   100
Category Load capacity   Gross price  
KA Vehicle with load up 0,5t and cargo platform length up to 1,7m 231 zł 450 zł
KB Vehicle with load up 1,2t and cargo platform length up to 3,5m 463 zł 900 zł
KC Vehicle with load up 1,2t and cargo platform length up to 3,5m 694 zł 1350 zł
KD Seller-vehicle with load up to 7,0t and cargo platform length up to 7,0m 1060 zł 2070 zł
KF SVehicle with load over 7,0t and cargo platform length over 7,0m 1388 zł 2700 zł
KG Road tractor + semi-trailer 1850 zł 3600 zł


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